I am doing my master’s degree in Industrial Security and Safety since april 2020 at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. It was quite a crazy start due to covid. This post introduces my work on a major project, which I did together with two fellow students, which goal was to secure the state of an industrial automation facility by developing a configuration management solution.

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Today’s enterprises in the producing industry are subjected to continuous change and are required to adapt their production environment capabilities in order to remain competitive. This causes continuously increasing complexity and connectivity of modern production systems. To mitigate potential safety and security incidents as well as optimization of the companies’ business case, a configuration management solution represents an effective instrument.

In context of the master course in Industrial Security at the University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, a configuration management project is conducted on a real-world production facility by a group of three students.

Based on a fictional scenario concerning a manufacturer of smartphones (Yeskia Inc.), an initial analysis of the enterprise environment regarding potential risks is performed and appropriate mitigations are derived. Based on the mitigations a comprehensive concept phase is proposing various strategies for realization. Following the V-Model approach, three individual software solutions are designed, implemented and validated. A training course with qualified training material regarding the developed solutions concludes the project.

❤️ JavaScript ❤️

We used JavaScript to detect any unauthorized changes to PLC applications. More info in the paper :-)

You can read the full paper here.